Boat Tracker

BoatTracker is a fleet management system for rowing and paddling clubs. With BoatTracker, your members can easily reserve club equipment and then track their actual time on the water. Club administrators benefit from greater insight into club operations and boat usage.

BoatTracker is layered on the open-source scheduling system, BookedScheduler, which gives administrators the ability to customize the system to enforce existing club policies regarding access to equipment, quotas, reservation restrictions, and much more.

The full BoatTracker system consists of:

  • The full BookedScheduler mobile-friendly web UI, which allows users to create reservations, check-in/check-out, and perform account management. Administrators have full access to all BookedScheduler features for configuring and managing access to equipment.
  • The BoatTracker Bot, which provides users with a simple conversational alternative to the web UI for creating and managing reservations, checking in & out, and checking on the availability of equipment. The Bot can be accessed via Skype, Facebook Messenger, and SMS.
  • A club status web page, designed for use on a “kiosk” in the boathouse, replacing existing paper-based reservation and usage logs. The club status page shows upcoming reservations, boats currently on the water, and boats that are out past their scheduled finish time.
  • Daily summary report emailed to the club administrator(s) showing all reservations for the day, and reservations that were unused or were otherwise noteworthy in some way.
  • An optional RFID-based tracking system is also in development that will provide greater security along with fully automated logging each time a boat leaves or enters the boathouse.

The BoatTracker service is hosted by Performance Phones, LLC, but the source code is also freely available on GitHub if you wish to host it yourself.

See this video for a quick introduction to the BoatTracker Bot:

Getting Started

To get started, all you really need is an instance of the BookedScheduler PHP application. You can either get the source and host this yourself, or use the attractively-priced hosting available through the BookedScheduler development team.

If you’re willing to forgo the additional features provided by the BoatTracker service, this is all you need. See our recommendations for configuring your BookedScheduler setup to adapt the system for rowing/paddling scenarios, and to implement usage & permission policies as appropriate for your club.

To take advantage of the BoatTracker Bot, the club status page, and to get daily usage reports, contact us for information about registering your BookedScheduler service with the BoatTracker service hosted by Performance Phones, LLC.

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